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Joyce Howell CEP®, RFP®, CRC™

Joyce Howell CEP®, RFP®, CRC™

Certified Retirement Coach ™

In addition to being a team member of Retirement Wealth and Tax Advisors, focusing on estate and risk management, Joyce Howell is also an independent Certified Retirement Coach, specializing in Retirement Transition Coaching. As a Certified Retirement Coach (CRC™) she is trained in techniques to help individuals paint a clear picture of their ideal retirement lifestyle and discover more meaning and purpose during this phase of life. She can help our clients to determine what an ideal retirement means to them.

About Retirement Transition Coaching:

Many people spend significant time only planning for the financial aspects of retirement, and too often do not contemplate the non-financial preparation necessary for a purposeful, fulfilling retirement lifestyle. Retirement Transitions Coaching helps you to prepare for the emotional, physical, and health-related dimensions that are a part of retirement readiness by helping you to objectively address the six areas of life:  

  • Career/Work
  • Health
  • Financial Behavior
  • Relationships
  • Social
  • Personal Development 

Retirement transition planning is that non-financial part of your life plan that compliments the hard work you have done with getting your retirement finances in order.

As a Retirement Transition Coach, and part of a national network of retirement transition coaches, Joyce is trained to help you assess your readiness and potential for happiness and fulfillment in retirement and keep on track as you develop a clear definition of your desired retirement lifestyle.

Using assessment tools, stimulating exercises, and carefully structured power questions, Joyce can help you to identify your personal strengths and areas of focus that closely affect retirement transition and planning; then help you to work through blocks and create an action plan for a retirement of passion and purpose.